Guinea Piglets on the Farm

Well, they picked a very wet week to have piglets but 2 of our American Guinea Hogs had litters.  “Short Nose” had 8 piglets on the 29th (6 males and 2 females) and “Long Nose” had 4 piglets on the 30th (3 males and 1 female).    It’s amazing how fast the piglets find the milk bar.  “Short Nose” decided to use a farrowing hut but her sister wandered off to the most remote region of the woods; it only took us a day to find her.  We made it just in time for the labor, but of course it started raining half way through.  Thankfully the shower was short lived.  Bramble, the Irish Terrier, took it upon herself to act as midwife.  It’s always nice when the animals look out for each other.  Granted, this is not the first litter Bramble has supervised.

on the move

The piglets have settled in nicely.  So far they have introduced themselves to the horses, followed the chickens around, tried to inspect the nest of one broody duck, played in the rain, explored the ensuing mud and camped out in the barn.  Piglets are fun.

pig chick