Briar Rock Farm started as an idea back in 2001.  After many years raising animals on rented ground, we finally bought the farm.  Along with the pigs, we have horses, chickens and ducks.  We also have bees.  We plan on developing more bee hives this year so that we can supply our customers with local honey.


We’ve owned Irish Terriers since 2004 and have found them to be perfect family dogs.  We currently have Bramble and Gypsy.  They are a real joy to have around.

Bramble as a puppy

Shockingly, our electric fences don’t always keep the livestock in.  This means that we occasionally have pigs in the flower beds, road, at the neighbors……  While we are currently working to improve the perimeter fencing, Bramble and Gypsy are always happy to help chase escapees back into their pens.

Pigs in the yard - w
Pigs having lunch in the yard

Our farm was a work in progress when we bought it and we still spend most of our free time working on improvements.  The arrival of our sawmill has helped a lot of those improvements along.

Sawmill - w

sawmill 2 - w

sawmill 3 - w