We have butcher hogs available at least twice a year.  We deliver our hogs to several local butcher shops, based on their availability and our customer’s locations.  If you aren’t familiar with the different cuts of meat you can get out of a hog click here for an exceptional diagram, courtesy of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

Our pigs are sold by the half or whole.  The cost is determined by hanging weight and is calculated at $3.50/lb for half and $3.00/lb for whole.  Processing fees are extra.  For the DIYer’s out there, whole hogs can be picked up from the farm.

“Just wanted to give a shout out to the Briar Rock Farm and all the hard working red headed farm hands! We took are hogs to be butchered that we got from them and the butcher said they were the best hogs he has done. So if you need a good hog Briar Rock is the place!”  –  W.C.

*Update*  Butcher Hogs

(04-04-2017)  SPECIAL SPRING PRICING!!! Guinea Hog Butcher pigs are now available!       Contact us for more details.      $150 buys you a whole hog!

(04-04-2017)  We recently had 2 litters of Berkshire X pigs!  In total there are 18 piglets.  We are now taking reservations for our fall butcher pigs.  We currently only have 7 1/2 pigs left!! If you are interested in reserving a whole or half hog please contact us.

**Update** Guinea Hogs


We have 4 new litters available.  Reserve yours now!   $150.00 – $200.00 for gilts depending on registration, $150.00 for registered boars and $100.00 for barrows (castrated males).