Irish Terriers

Jasper and BrambleWe have owned and enjoyed Irish Terriers since 2004. Their gentle temperament and fearless nature make them ideal family companions.

Nobody likes to have dog hair floating around the house.  This is what first led us to the breed.  They don’t shed!!!  Their durable, *non-shedding coats keep both them and the house cleaner.

Sisters -w

Their coat will need stripping several times a year, but this hardly qualifies as high maintenance.


Our first Irish Terrier, Ruby, was a great family dog who loved to accompany us swimming, hiking and horseback riding.

Bram ride 4

Our current Irish Terriers are Bramble and Gypsy.  They, like Ruby before them, want to be involved in everything we do.

Watching Ducks

A boy and his dog.

Wherever we are, so are our Irish Terriers.

We will occasionally have Irish Terrier puppies available to approved homes.   Our dogs are a part of our family and are treated as such.  It is important to us to place all of our puppies in homes that understand what it takes to properly care for an Irish Terrier.  Our goal is to try and match each perspective owner with a puppy of complementary temperament and personality.  Just as each person is an individual, so are dogs.

We believe that socialization is paramount.  Exposing the puppies to as many age appropriate situations as possible is very important.  Our Irish Terrier puppies are raised exclusively in the house with our family.  As such, we work on potty training as soon as they are ready.  We try to give our puppies a head start in all areas of training.

We stand behind our Irish Terriers 100% and will do as much as possible to make sure you are a successful pet owner. All our puppies are AKC Registered and come with a Welcome Home Kit.  This kit includes a bag of puppy food to help in transitioning, the puppy’s favorite toy, housebreaking and training info and a Veterinary Health Certificate.

In the case that a buyer has to give up their Irish Terrier in the future for any circumstance, we expect that the it would be returned to us to find it a suitable new home.

If you are interested in adding an Irish Terrier to your home, contact us.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  Also, check out our Puppy Page.

All the best,

Ethan and Heather Joyce